We have worked hard to deliver the highest value and service to our clients by establishing a high standard of excellence. We also work with many organizations around Montana to help give back to the communities we serve and protect.


Pete Lawrenson

Montana Rail Link

Chief of Security & Safety


What I appreciate greatly with Black Knight Security is the consistency with the guards. With MRL operating 5 locations requiring security in Montana spread out over 350 miles, I have to have the utmost confidence in each guard when representing Montana Rail Link. The men and women of Black Knight Security working the MRL beat always represent Montana Rail Link’s core values and mission to be “The Best of the Best” in service, ingenuity and safety. Black Knight management and staff are a critical component of MRL’s safety and security component, and simply put, the best security company I have had with Montana Rail Link in more than 12 years as Chief of Security and Safety. Montana Rail Link just recently entered into a new 3 year contract with Black Knight and I look forward to many more years working with Wade Herbert, Kris Holmes and the entire Black Knight Staff. Pete Lawrenson Montana Rail Link Chief of Security and Safety

Jared Perkins

Perkduction Media, LLC



Wade and Kris have a great team of highly trained and very professional security officers. All of them have previous military, law enforcement, or equivalent training. I have seen their officers on many different occassions and I am always very impressed with how they conduct themselves and what they do to help and give back to the community. They will always be my first choice for any security or investigation needs.